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Cars for Sale

Towed vehicles that are not retrieved are available for purchase as lien vehicles. Please contact us with any question regarding our cars for sale or read through some of our FAQs below for more information:

Can I buy parts if I don't want the whole car?

No. You must purchase the whole vehicle. It is your responsibility to remove it from our facility, then either register it in your name or legally dispose of it at a salvage yard after removing any parts you want to keep.

After purchasing a vehicle, do I receive a title?

No, you will receive a bill of sale from us, along with the necessary lien paperwork that allows you to register the vehicle in your name with the DMV.

Can I test drive a lien sale vehicle?

No. Liability issues prevent us from allowing you to test drive a vehicle. Also, the unit it is not registered. We will start the vehicle for you and you can listen to it run.